Blue whales are the planet’s biggest animal ever existed. Blue whale populations have fallen by 98% over the past century, they are now currently listed as an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Join us to protecting the Whales, invest in QORTAROCK to help protect and save some of the world's most endangered animals from extinction. Take Action, invest in QORTAROCK to help us Defend, Conserve & Protect. Get involve and signup now! We Need Your Support… If The Oceans Die, We All Die Too.

Our company does not charge commissions for making a deposit as well as withdrawing funds from the platform

How to Earn

Investment plan


Daily for

365 days


Minimum: $250

Maximum: $5,000

Instant Withdrawals

Principle Included

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Daily for

304 days


Minimum: $1,000

Maximum: $10,000

Instant Withdrawals

Principle Included

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Daily for

243 days


Minimum: $5,000

Maximum: $25,000

Instant Withdrawals

Principle Included

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Daily for

182 days


Minimum: $10,000

Maximum: $50,000

Instant Withdrawals

Principle Included

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Affliate Program

Promote our website wherever you are. Create post on online forums and social networks. Remember to use the referral link. Build your structure and receive a commission from three level whenever someone makes a deposit. Earnings from the affiliate program are immediately available in the account balance. You can invest or withdraw funds at any time.

3- Level Commission

  • 5% -

  • 2% -

  • 1%

Refer others and earn commission from your downline investments up to 3 levels.

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Testimonial From

our happy client

"Qortarock is my best choice in the Crypto investment industry, I made a withdrawal of 997,000,- immediately after the end of the investment period."

Active Investors

"I have received the investment and profit. This is like a stable income for me and very enjoyable. Thank you very much to the admins who have supported me all this time."

Active Investors

"I love Qortarock advocating for Blue Whale protection. My investment has yielded a return of $37,480,- Big Thanks to Qortarock for giving me this opportunity."

Active Investors

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